Shri Tilok Anand Pathshala

The process of giving proper shape to life is called ‘Sanskar’. The place where this basic process of imparting values ​​takes place is called religious school. Where children are given religious and moral values. Where-ever Acharya Bhagwant traveled across India, from small villages to big cities, he discussed with the main officials of the Sangh and named ‘Shri Tilok Anand Pathshala’ for the children under ‘Shri Tilok Ratna Sthanakavasi Jain Dharmik Pariksha Board’. Religious schools were built from. The lives of thousands of children were shaped in these schools built many years ago. He gives credit to the school for being able to touch many good things and heights in his life.

In these schools, children are taught everything from Navakar Mahamantra to Samayik Sutras, essential sutras, 25 bol etc. small pieces, basic elements of Jain philosophy and Jain religion, prayers, devotional songs, songs on enlightenment, inspirational poems, informative stories, Jain history, life philosophy of great men. The understanding gained from Jainism, activities, practical conduct points of religion, moral teachings, correct identity of religion as per the modern era, well-spoken Sanskrit, many topics which increase faith and determination towards religion are taught to them through ‘Jain Pathawali’.

Examinations in the form of Jain Siddhant Parichay, Jain Siddhant Praveshika, Jain Siddhant Prathama are scheduled twice a year in June and December. In which hundreds of children give exams to accurately identify their talent and intelligence. Get good marks by reading and studying.
We are proud that the seed of equanimity has been sown in hundreds of children studying in such schools, many have become devotees of the fast, many have adopted sanyasa and are implementing Jinshasan. From this we can say that every action in the life of a cultured person is proper and correct. It makes life style well organized. The ability to remain stable in every situation of life develops in him. The rational mind remains alert. Every behaviour, thought, speech and action is balanced and virtues develop. Life is free from luxuries and addictions due to many such characteristics, the life of a cultured person becomes valuable. There is morality in his life and business and righteousness resides in his heart. ‘Acharya Samrat Gurudev Shri Anandrishiji M.S.’his great life is testimony to this.

The salary system of teachers teaching in schools and the arrangement of prizes and gifts for children, at some places by the local Shri Sangh and at some places by the Shri Tilok Ratna Sthanakvasi Jain Religious Examination Board is done.