Shri Ratna Jain Library

That which engages the reader’s thoughts and takes him forward and plays an important role in his personality development is called literature.
Literature is a mirror of the past, it contains the reality of the present and it gives inspiration for the future.
National Saint, Acharya Samrat Gurudev Shri. Anandrishiji M.S. Shri Ratna Jain Library, established about 40 years ago with the inspiration of ‘Aagam, Darshan, Sanskrit-Prakrit Grammar, Discourse, History, Biography, Story, Novel, Tatvagam, Essay, Music, illustrated stories for children’s sanskars, entertaining stories, puzzles. It is the ocean of literature that preserves the gems of thousands of books, equipped with diverse genres and multiple dimensions.
Consumable literature is easily available here for everyone from a person with general education to great scholars.
It is a valuable contribution to the comprehensiveness of the study of Sadhu Sadhvi. Reference books related to the course are easily available here.

School and college students come here to pay their respects. Its reader membership fee is ₹ 100 per year. Hundreds of readers take full advantage of it. Presently enlightened thinker Shri.Adarsh ​​Rishiji M.S. are under the guidance of Librarian Shri Ganeshji Dhadiwal, this library is completely managed.

Shri Ratna Jain Sangrahalay

Kavikul Bhushan Pujyapad Shri Tilokarshiji M.S. has been a very unique personality with extraordinary talent. The pride of your Shree Rishi clan tradition and the Rashtriya Saint Acharya Samrat Gurudev Shri. Anandrishiji M.S. his grandfather is Gurudev. At the young age of 10, Aapshree along with her father, the great ascetic Shri. Avanta Rishiji M.S. was performed with unbroken knowledge practice, excellent execution of rituals, rigorous and extreme penance, long pilgrimages, superior influence of Jinshasan and self-worship with detached feelings is followed.

The uniqueness in there personality was that they could do pen work or writing with both hands and both feet. In a short life of 36 years and 20 years of restraint, you used all your power to become a special surgeon for the Jain world, such a wonderful surgery that everyone’s eyes are astonished to see.
With his incomparable poetic talent, he enriched the world of Jain literature with his poetry of 72 thousand verses, which is impossible to compare with anyone else. In this, his capability and powerful writing skills are demonstrated. You can enjoy reading them in detail in the book ‘Shri Tilok Kavya Kalpataru’.
The pictures taken from the fingers and toes of there amazing painting,Today’s mechanical art pales in comparison to the measured lines and aesthetic feelings present in it.
Finding the answers to the subtle and deeply emotional puzzles hidden behind your generated mind, fertile mind and extraordinary imagination is like finding a path in some winding hills which seems very picturesque.
Even today’s biggest computer fails itself in front of your huge and gigantic brain.
The amount of work that he have done, using every moment of his short life of 36 years, seems impossible even with a long life of 100 years. The true praise of your personality and work in your life is given in ‘Shri Tilok Shatabdi Abhinandan Granth’. Acharya Bhagwant has done it.
In this art museum, Shri.Tilokrishiji M.S. The artefacts created by him are kept decorated where you can see the true talent of art.